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Scholarship Awards


The OAB Education Foundation offers annual scholarships to students majoring in broadcasting at Oklahoma colleges and universities.

• $2000 Stan Forrer Scholarship
• $2000 Saidie Adwon Scholarship
• $2000 Mark Rawlings Scholarship
• $2000 Harold C. & Frances Langford Stuart Scholarship
• $2000 Bill Teegins Scholarship
• $2000 Carl C. Smith Scholarship

To be eligible to apply, students must:

  1. Be enrolled in an Oklahoma college or university broadcast program and majoring in broadcasting,
  2. Be a junior or senior during the scholarship year,
  3. Maintain a minimum "B" average grade in all courses,
  4. Carry at least 12 hours during the scholarship period.
  5. Plan to enter broadcasting upon graduation.

Applications for the 2018-'19 scholarships are available here. For more information, call 405-848-0771 or e-mail OAB.


Ken R. Greenwood Student Assistance Fund

Each year the OAB Education Foundation allocates $1,000 to assist broadcast students in financial need. A student may apply for a maximum of $250 for any financial need that may be impacting the student's education. A letter from the student's department head or professor must accompany the request.


$3,000 Lisa John Faculty Fellowship

The OAB Education Foundation Lisa John Faculty Fellowship provides an opportunity for a broadcast faculty member to update their teaching skills and develop closer relationships with radio and television broadcasters. The fellowship is a four-week work program in an Oklahoma radio or television station. The recipient and host station are required to develop a 40-hour per week, four-week program, mutually acceptable to both parties and approved by the OAB Education Foundation.

Any OBEA member is eligible to apply for the Fellowship. Applications are mailed to OBEA members, or click here for a copy.